Jordan Nicole, SEO of Fitsy

I'm Jordan Nicole, the SEO of Fitsy at fourteen-years-old. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and have always adored the ocean since I was born. I've been a dancer since I was three and have recently starred in a short film called Carnival of Wonders that has gotten numerous awards from film festivals all around the world. Along with that, I have won Petite and Junior Miss Dance of the Pacific Coast, which was an amazing experience as a dancer. Including my passion for dance, I love spending my other time traveling, hanging with friends, and eating amazing food. I have been to over eight countries and love nothing more than immersing myself in various cultures around the world. With all that being said, I've always wanted to create a platform to help others and hope that you can use my site as a guide for fitness tips, self-care activities, and workouts. Enjoy and always remember to stay Fitsy!


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